Sunday, 28 June 2015

Inimey Ippadithaan

Inimey Ippadithaan, a comedy entertainer.  Santhan tries to prove he can dance and love heroines. His comedy strength helped in this film.  Story is about a person who seeks for arrange marriage in between facing love.  Ashna Zaveri as slim and beauty  proves in songs and some scenes.  Akhila kishore as less space coming in one song.  Naren as santhanam father again scores and he will be seen in some films as reputed father.  VTV ganesh utilised in less scenes since director thought santhanam is enough. 

Santhosh kumar dhayanidhi empresses in "Paartha Oru Lookula" and "Aathula Oru Kaal".  Gopi Jagadesswaran  camera attitude seen in  song sequences.  Muruganand story and screenplay needs an appreciation. Length of the film may be one plus point.  Climax is an altimate twist, but it resembles the practical Indian marriage situation.  This film has some negatives but santhanam manages to sit for two hours.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Dinesh Agarwal-Software Engineer became the leader of

Dinesh Agarwal  a computer engineer became the leader of b2b business portal.  He studied Computer Science Engineering from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute in 1990.  He started his career in CDOT Alcatel Research Centre as Software Engineer in 1991.  Then continued in Hcl Technologies as System Analyst.  

After some years in USA paid good salary.  He returned to India to start his own business.  With an investment of 40,000 started his venture.  Faced the asusual problems in the startup  business.  Understand the requirement of online portal providing solutions to small businesses. The idea was to help the small and medium enterprises in the country market their products and services.  He  purchased a flat in Delhi  and set up the office for IndiaMart InterMesh in 1996.

Main problem at that time was slow internet,  small businesses not aware of computer useage.  He started by free listing in IndiaMart.  Clients benefited through free listing are suggested for paid service.  Hence with rapid support Indiamart standing as larger portal for b2b with 200 Crore firm.  Presently with large marketing and technical employees stands higher in the market.  His desire made  him leader otherwise he would be an VP(salaried employee) of another big company.


Salim, a action thriller.  Story involves a perfect doctor whose attitude said unfit by his lover and working atmosphere, turns his anger towards injustice made by a politician son to an innocent girl.  Vijay Antony as salim  spreads his settled performance and deliberates anger in certain scenes.  Aksha Pardasany vijay antony love one get our full anger through her dialogues and waves glamour in songs.

Background score continues from Naan theme and songs are asusual vijay antony’s stylish peppy numbers.  Ganesh Chandra  views the light at correct portions especially capturing within the hotel room.  R.N.R Manoharan, Lollu sabha Swaminathan  registered their rememberence.  Director nirmal kumar proved he is coming from the school of Bharathiraja.  Dialogues are smart enough and screenplay said properly.  Even though missed some logics in screenplay.  Nirmal presented  a socialized play.

Monday, 16 June 2014


Manjapai, a emotional  family drama which suits urban realities.  Vimal, lakshmi menon fills the space with main character Rajkiran.  Story evolves a emotional bond between grandfather and his grandson.  Vimal portrays  IT guy dreams and lakshmi menon as vimal’s love one.  Characters in Apartments are practically shown.  Swaminathan stays in screen.

Ragunathan’s introduction song stands for long time. "Pathu pathu" song sounds good. Cameraman Masani focus the urban platform properly. Director Raghavan  proves his attitude well in the first film and glorifies through rajkiran dialogues.  Some scenes director resembles Visu style in Rajkiran’s character. Rajkiran proves he is ready to do any kind of emotional character.  Finally director finishes the film and disturbs our sleep.

Sunday, 12 January 2014


Jilla, a commercial with sentiments prolonged.  Story involves the fight between father and his adopted son.  Mohan lal enhances the space with emotions.  Vijay asusual fills the screen with unbelievable fight sequences but enjoyable, dance steps, even emotion scences with Mohan lal too.

Other actors like poornima bhagyaraj,  Mahat, ravi maria done their respective roles properly.  Soori misses his space.  Kaja agarwal occupies  audiences in songs.  Imman’s ‘pattu onnu’ and ‘kanthangi’  flours the film.  Ganesh rajavelu handles the  bright lighting and gets appreciation in song sequences.  Don max splits the scenes in correct intervals.

R.T neason proved he is ready to work with stars.  Since his first film ‘Muruga’ not got box office hit though got good reviews.  This is an important movie for neason.  Scenes between Mohan lal  vijay wows the appreciation.  After vijay became police portion some what missing logic. A vijay film with asusual elements with a line limit and a special reason to watch Jilla was Mohan lal.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 again comes with bikes, boat, glamous actress and more performance from Amir Khan.  Story involves  Amir thefts the bank since his father  suicided of  bank loan.  Abishek bachchan proves his attitude in acting. Uday chopra fills the screen with laugher.  Katrina kaif makes the screen hot with her beauty.  Action sequences are really equipped and properly visualized. 

Jackie shroff comes in introduction and marks his presence.  Julius packiam background score similar to dhoom 1 and dhoo2.  Pritam songs are flourishable.  Sudeep chaterjee captures Chicago vibrantly and fightly sequences logically shown.  Vijay Krishna acharya proves his writing and directorial efforts since differs the film from other two parts.  Watchable for fight sequences and emotional sequences with two Amir.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Kalyana Samayal Saadham

Kalyana Samayal Saadham an urban adult comedy film.  Story involves the happenings after Engagement .  This type of story mostly admired from bollywood.  Prasanna and lekha Washington occupies the screen space.  Prasanna opts for IT guy and cute loveable. While accepting the problem of prasanna, Lekha proved in acting also.   Other actors like delhi ganesh, uma padmanabhan and raghav shared the humour in screen with proper usage.  Crazy mohan comes after interval and makes us to think in few dialogues.

RS prasanna handled screenplay carefully since the story line is such a sensitive one.  Arrora songs ‘Mella Sirithai’ and ‘Kadhal Marandhaayada’ flours as nice melody. Krishnan vasanth visuals brightly.  Film is watchable without family members.