Friday, 19 February 2016

Education vs Passion

During 70s, BA is the regular degree and in black & white films you can notice.  Nowadays Engineering is the course becomes trend, dual degree is also became fashion with M.Tech, MBA.  One set of group do Masters with B.Ed. for teaching career.  South Indian preferring Engineering, while North Indians prefer B.Com and CA.  They keen on commerce. In Cinema, heroes are portrayed without qualifications, job and they love, marry.  But in real life, experience, qualification are demanded in Interviews. 

Nowadays Actors, directors are mostly from engineering and MBA background.  Youths prefer to study one degree and choose their unrelated but career based on their passion.  It may or may not be good.  But choosing subject and interested career should be done with schooling itself.  In medicine, due to private institutions, it is available to all the classes. Entrepreneurship is a trend for Fresher’s, when they are questioned in final year.  Due to pressures in society, family, their business dreams converted into a job. 

The Trend might change, but skill is an important for the upcoming era.  Population mixed with competition is the threat not the course.  Media is always negatively view on Engineering, medicine and create disclosed fear among the students.  Course is not about just a degree, it must be come up with the personal interest.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Information Technology-Services to product Business

Information technology is an interesting area which developed from a single spark.  Its development accelerated business and life within technology.  IT started from converting manual works to computerized task through applications.  Applications converted into web services.  Then its sub hub BPO came with handling calls by adopting technology.  Foreign clients are handled from outside home country.   KPO came with handling knowledge with IT support.

After Internet arrival, IT business travels in website maintenance, design, support, ERP and server maintenance.  Service projects are taken away by top MNC’s from banks, retails.  These are the projects spread across metropolitan cities and changed the earning style.   For the past two years, services are converted into product business.  Mobile App creation changed it as product industry.  Food ordering (, ticket booking, searching houses ( are some realities possible through mobile. 

Business intelligence, Cloud computing, big data concepts also joined in the new era and it is also a demanding career.  Every decade IT business is changing, what will be the next business involved in it, is an interesting expectation.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Start, Raise, Sell-Startups

Startup is the word we regularly catch up in business magazines and online news websites.  It is an unknown question that they are really focused or media are developing its growth for advertisement purpose.  Mostly IIT, IIM faces come to limelight.  The reason behind the startup is to start a new ground separating from the pillars like TATA, RELIANCE groups and to show their own potential.  But they expect their money as investment in various forms like capital funding or finally sell their dreams to them.

Successful Startups are started from the persons who has experience in top MNCs or freshers from tier I colleges.  People also start from Non MNCs and Non IIT, IIMs, but they are not focused in media.  Some struggled and flashed outside.  Startups raise funds like seed, series A and so on.  Then sell it, become angel investors by investing in other ventures or start again the entrepreneurship journey.  If they are not able to raise funds, they will close it.  But in startups employees are in unsecured layer though enjoying the smooth environment.  If experienced persons whose age are more than 50 years, then they sell the venture and become Investor or advisor for highly valuated companies or visiting lecturers for management institutions.  Investors drop fund in initial stage by keeping the selling value in mind.

Services are converted into products like washing clothes, wedding services and repairing homes in form of Apps.  Mostly food, travel, rooms and dress segments are concentrated.  Food ordering and consumer items are regularly advertised in Media.  From the print sources, till now E-commerce companies are not in profit.  Valuations of E-commerce startups are impressive and encouraging new stuff.  Whatever may be the risks or facts in startups, they are the new arena which will run in India for another 10 years since they are succeeded in Silicon Valley and China.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Hemalatha Annamalai-raised fund from Tata

Hemalatha Annamalai, a women entrepreneur grape the attention of Tata’s investment.  Nowadays startups are concentrating on E-commerce.  But she evolves her dream in electrical vehicle industry.She has  huge experience in Professional Recruitment, technology training, travel and Professional services.

Hemalatha completed BE from Bharathiar University and MBA from RMIT University.  She started her career from Wipro as Product manager.  She served in Cayenne Software.  In 1998, Hemalatha started Uni connect, a HR consulting firm in Singapore.  Her manufacturing aspect began in 2008 as Ampere vehicles and it has unit in Coimbatore.  It offers electric bikes, pullers, trolleys, bicycles, and trucks.She is the inspiration for Women who dreams in Entrepreneur.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Dinesh Agarwal-Software Engineer became the leader of

Dinesh Agarwal  a computer engineer became the leader of b2b business portal.  He studied Computer Science Engineering from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute in 1990.  He started his career in CDOT Alcatel Research Centre as Software Engineer in 1991.  Then continued in Hcl Technologies as System Analyst.  

After some years in USA paid good salary.  He returned to India to start his own business.  With an investment of 40,000 started his venture.  Faced the asusual problems in the startup  business.  Understand the requirement of online portal providing solutions to small businesses. The idea was to help the small and medium enterprises in the country market their products and services.  He  purchased a flat in Delhi  and set up the office for IndiaMart InterMesh in 1996.

Main problem at that time was slow internet,  small businesses not aware of computer useage.  He started by free listing in IndiaMart.  Clients benefited through free listing are suggested for paid service.  Hence with rapid support Indiamart standing as larger portal for b2b with 200 Crore firm.  Presently with large marketing and technical employees stands higher in the market.  His desire made  him leader otherwise he would be an VP(salaried employee) of another big company.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bharthi bhaskar-BTech, MBA banker and public speaker

Bharathi bhaskar, we can see in Pattimandrams  telecasting  in Sun tv during festivals.  After Raja speech, people are interested in her delivery.  She  Completed B.Tech Chemical  Engineering and MBA.  Presently working as Vice president in Citi bank. 

She is a public speaker for 10 years.  Mostly we see her In Solomon pappaih debate shows.  Conducted magalir panchayathu and vanga pesalam  in Sun tv.  She written short stories in kalki magazine and a book named “nee nadi pola oodikondiru” which published in Aval vikatan magazine.  

I surprised to know her qualification engineering and MBA, because mostly debate show  participants  will come from literature background.  This made me to display her biography in my blog.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sivakarthikeyan-BE, MBA, television anchor turned into Actor

Sivakarthikeyan transformed to enter as hero in film industry from Television. Sivakarthikeyan completed BE in tiruchi and MBA in IIPM chennai. His father worked in Police.

Participated in Kalakka Povathu Yaaru vijay tv competition, performed and won as standalone comedian. Hosted many shows in Vijay TV like adhu ethu athu, vijay awards and participated in boys vs girls, jodi season. Gradually he got a chance in 3 and Marina. Continuously Manam Kothi Paravai and Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga films gave place as hero. His spontaneous comedy clinches the audience. He is also one breaked tv sentiment and came to film industry like santhanam.